Nestled in the beautiful surroundings and in the immediate vicinity of the Lake Biggesee, the small town of Attendorn in South Westphalia is the perfect gateway for visitors from all over the world.

The charm of the old town, extraordinary tourist attractions and the beautiful scenery of the Attendorn villages characterise the old Hanseatic town in the Sauerland and offer an optimal recreation in the middle of Germany.

Attendorn is situated at the south-western edge of the Ebbegebirge mountain range in the Bigge valley. The Lake Biggesee, completed in 1965, is an excursion paradise for the old and the young (at heart). In summer, the lake invites you to swim, fish, camp, pedal boat, surf, sail, dive or to take a cruise with one of the ships of the "White Fleet" of the passenger shipping company on the Lake Biggesee and in winter for a stroll in the crystal-clear air. All around the lake there are marked hiking and cycling trails for all levels of difficulty.

Guests visiting the nature adventure area of Lake Biggesee and Lake Listersee, experience unique insights and views. The varied landscape offers the best conditions for numerous outdoor activities.

Many other attractions such as the cave “Atta-Höhle“ - one of the most beautiful stalactite caves in Germany - the museum Südsauerlandmuseum, the cathedral St. Johannes Baptist, Schnellenberg Castle and the winding alleys of the historic city centre invite you to linger. Gorgeous retail shops round off the picture. Short paths lead you through the city centre.Attendorn offers its guests a fantastic tourist highlight.

High above the Lake Biggesee, the viewing platform “Biggeblick“ offers visitors a breathtaking view. At a height of 90 metres, you can enjoy a stunning view of the Bigge reservoir with Gilberg Island and the ruins of the Waldenburg Castle. The evening atmosphere is particularly enchanting: In the dark, blue LED lights illuminate the lower ring of the platform, while the “needle” on the platform is accentuated with white light.

All information on the tourist destinations of our town are available on the homepage of the tourism association Biggesee-Listersee.

Be inspired by the attractions and enjoy your stay in Attendorn!

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