Fostering of customs and tradition


A wealth of customs is an indication for the city’s old tradition. Particular noteworthy is the cultivation of the carnival, which comes back to life annually and fills the streets. Especially the "Veilchendienstagszug" which has been taking place for more than 150 years, is a crowd-puller in the Sauerland region.

The Easter tradition

The Easter tradition, as it is cultivated in Attendorn, is probably unique in its kind. The blowing on a centuries-old horn, the Semmelsegen [blessing of Easter buns] on Easter Saturday, the erection and burning of the Easter fires at the four gates, the procession from there to the parish church, the lighting of special Easter lanterns: All this has remained alive and can partly be traced back far into the past without knowing the exact origins.

Marksmen festival in July

Marksmen associations and marksmen brotherhoods can be found everywhere in Westphalia. However, there is hardly another association like Schützengesellschaft 1222 e.V. (Marksmen’s Association), which has preserved medieval customs such as the "Triller" and the "Bügel" dance. The Attendorn marksmen celebrate their annual historic town and marksmen festival in the first weekend in July.